Heylings Music, Park Road, Chorley

Examinations are usually held at Heylings Music in Spring and late Autumn, where they are organised and supervised by the administration office. Many visiting examiners have often complimented us on the high standard of our organisation and the efficient way the examinations are conducted.


To give our candidates a wide choice of exam subjects and styles, we offer examinations with the A.B.R.S.M. and the London College of Music, two of the foremost examining boards in the country. Most of our candidates take their exams with these two boards but, if they wish, candidates may be entered for their exams with other examining bodies.


On arrival at Heylings Music, exam candidates are greeted by a steward and shown into one of the practice rooms where they will ´warm up´ and spend time with their teacher, polishing their performance. In addition to getting the candidate into ´exam mode´, these sessions have other, subtle benefits:- while candidates are concentrating on their preparations they are distracted from what lies ahead and are less likely to worry or get distressed.

When it is time for their examination, the candidate is taken by the steward to the examination room where they are introduced to the examiner. Throughout the exams, members of staff are always on hand to assist and advise candidates and to make their experience as pleasant as possible.

When their exam has ended, candidates can either leave the premises immediately or spend a few minutes relaxing in the waiting room.

image of student playing a flute
comical cartoon showing anxious music student
´Those few minutes in the practice room really make a difference.´.
F. C., Horwich
´Exams are arranged perfectly. The staff are always around to help us and cheer us up just before we go in the exam room´.
S. M., Bolton
´When I need those vital extra lessons in the weeks before the exam they always manage to fit me in.´.
E. B., Darwen
´Going from the last practice session straight into the exam room meant I was too preoccupied to panic.´.
S. L. R., Standish