Heylings Music, Park Road, Chorley

Lessons are carefully structured to suit the age, ability, musical ambitions and even the personality of each student, ensuring that everyone gets exactly what they want from their lessons.
Most students have a standard lesson which lasts for 30 minutes, but double lessons lasting 60 minutes are also available - timetable spaces permitting. Although most lessons are on a one-to-one basis, tuition is also available for students who wish to develop their skills by playing together as a group.


A standard 30 minute lesson costs £12-00, payable to the teacher at the beginning of each lesson, either in cash or by cheque - sorry no plastic! If unable to attend a lesson, students should inform the office immediately; missed lessons which have not been cancelled must be payed for in full. Lesson cancellations should be made by phone or in person at the administration office at least one hour before the lesson time, and should include a choice of cover option offered by the Flexible Absence Scheme.


By offering a choice of cover opitions that save money on cancelled lessons the Flexible Absence Scheme is unique to Heylings Music. Students who have to cancel a lesson can save money by ‘covering’ the cancellation with one of the following opitions:-

CREDIT:Entitles the student to six free lesson cancellations annually.
MAKE-UP:A replacement lesson at a different time or on a different day.
HALF-FEE:Saves money if no make-up lesson spaces are available.
image of students involved in a music lesson
cartoon showing busking violin players - one is a music teacher
´If you become a Heylings student you will get the best possible tuition there is - I know I did!´.
A. Monk, Charnock Richard
´The balance of theory and practical tuition in each lesson is just perfect for my musical ambitions.´.
L. B., Bury
´I´m in my sixties and having lessons just for the sheer fun of it - great!´.
R. S., Bamber Bridge