Heylings Music, Park Road, Chorley

The heart of any successful school is its teachers, and at Heylings Music we choose ours with the greatest care. We only accept experienced teachers with C.R.B. clearance, who are qualified to music degree or diploma level. Before joining us some of our teachers were noted performers in their own right, and this experience proves invaluable when preparing students to cope with the pressures of performing in public. It is this musical expertise backed up by patience, a warm, friendly personality and the skill to communicate with students of all ages and abilities as well as the gift to make learning fun that sets a Heylings Music teacher apart.


As part of our ongoing expansion programme we are always on the look- out for new teachers.
Are you a freelance teacher? Would you like extra work to fill those empty days? Working with us you could retain your freelance status and choose the days and teaching times that suit you; all you have to do is teach and collect the fees - we take care of everything else!
If you would like to teach dedicated, enthusiastic students in a pleasant, stress-free environment, we'd like to hear from you.


Our teaching rooms are spacious and comfortable, with excellent acoustic qualities which have often been commented on by visiting examiners. All rooms are equipped with pianos or digital pianos, keyboards and various study aids.
Parents of young students may sit in the lessons if they wish and adequate seating is provided in the teaching rooms and in the adjoining waiting areas.

image of students learning to play guitar
cartoon image of a very happy music teacher
´I like the idea of ´going out to work´ rather than working at home. Teaching at Heylings is ideal; having office staff handling admin. and recruiting allows me to concentrate on my teaching.´.
J. M., Chorley
´The teaching system at Heylings allows me to work to my full potential, providing individual tuition to each of my pupils in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.´.
D. Meadows, Wigan.
´I have enjoyed working for Heylings over the past 15 years.´.
P. M. Blackburn, Lancaster.